The Aim and Purpose

The Academy of Opera Research of Peking University will devote herself to the opera study, the promotion of opera, the performance and practice of opera as well as the inheriting of traditional cultural and artistic heritage. The Academy will also dedicate to absorbing the beauty of global arts, training talented opera singers, establishing different schools of opera in China, and contributing to the arts of both China and the world.

With the help of the peers in the field of education, music and cultural study, the Academy of Opera Research of Peking University will help establish a teaching and research system for Chinese modern opera. We are confident to turn this academy into a research center of opera with world wide fame, a cradle of professional opera talents, a base of opera production and a home for opera communication.


Courses and Programs

• The Academy of Opera of Peking University will set up courses of Opera and Musical Theory

• Opera and Musical Performance

• Opera and Musical Playwriting and Composition

• Directing, Stage Arts and Technology

• Opera Producing and management


Ways of Trazining

The priority of enrollment is given to high level talents and postgraduates such as Master’s and Doctor’s degree of Opera Study. At the same time, non-diploma education will also provide professionals such as playwrights, performers, directors, stage and art-managers for the art of opera in China.

The majority of our students will come from graduates of art colleges and young performers of performing groups. They may graduate from Colleges of Music, Drama, Film and Dance. Some of them may previously major in directing, music composition and stage management. Before they begin their study here, they have already received some training and had some fundamental knowledge. After their enrollment in our academy, they will have our professional training and eventually become elites of opera.


Teaching Modes

1. production-study-research 

The unity of opera production, opera teaching and research The unity of opera production, opera teaching and research is an important purpose for the establishment of the academy. The core idea of this mode is to turn the results of our teaching and research into productivity and produce cultural products, and by promotion and cooperation, both the university and the relevant enterprises will gain their profits, which will positively promote the development of teaching and research of opera.

2. Cooperation between the academy and the enterprises

This mode goes in the following way: Our Academy can provide both opera talents and excellent operas for some cultural companies who are interested in promoting and developing the art of opera. Those companies and enterprises can purchase the copyright of our products and the personnel of the opera productions. The enterprises will in return provide fund and organize the production of the operas, and when the products are put into the market, the enterprises and the Academy can share the profits and put more investment to develop more opera productions.

3. Public Rehearsal and Public performance

Public rehearsal will be a very important section of our teaching and research. Based on international norms, some valuable innovation will be made to guarantee the full use of public rehearsals for the benefits of both the students and the community. For the students, doing rehearsal is a very important way to learn how to get professional training, psychologically prepare themselves for future stage performance, have good professional habits, improve their skills, and get familiar with the ways of making rehearsals and performances. On the other hand, the audience just need to pay some money to have access to the art of opera. It is a mutual benefit to both the promotion of opera and the demands of the public for arts. Moreover, public rehearsals are also very helpful for the students and the audience to know the process of artistic composition. It is also very useful for the comprehension and understanding of opera and for the forming and the extension of future opera market.

4. Concerts

The faculty, the students of our Academy and other famous musicians, both domestic and international, will regularly have fine chamber concerts. We will try to make our concerts the brand of our Academy and an influential musical activity in the universities of Beijing and even in the whole capital.

5. Opera Composition

The Academy will encourage both the faculty and the students to take up tasks offered by the government, performing art groups and our Academy to compose operas. Tutors, experts and students will jointly compose some high quality operas. It will upgrade students’ ability of opera practice.


Course offered

• Opera Acting

• Musical Rehearsal

• Artistic Directing

• Vocal Training

• Dancing and Body Training

• Music Analysis of Opera

• Special Topics in Opera Studies

• Creation and Re-Creation of OperaOpera today

• History and Culture of Opera

• Opera performing artists

• Chinese Xiqu and Chinese Music


Teaching office

Add:Rm.901 Yanyuan Building,151 Zhongguancun North Rd.,Beijing.