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The development fund of Peking University Academy of opera is a foundation of Peking University Education Foundation in the construction and development,dedicated to the Academy of opera, Opera Research Institute for maintaining thenormal teaching work and artistic production. In addition, the fund will also set upOpera Education scholarships, grants, opera art creation Awards (including opera,opera music award prize for literature, opera, opera director award, award stage technology art prize), foreign exchange funds etc.

The funds will be received and properly managed by Peking University education foundation, and accept the supervision of the fund provider. To obtain the development foundation of Peking University opera and the Peking University Academy of opera, is the naming and fund provider unique opportunity and privilege.Naming and fund providers act of kindness, will make a name for themselves and theworld famous Chinese and Peking University permanent link. In the near future, from here out of, all over the world of outstanding students, not only can add color to thePeking University, Opera institute reputation day long, will also make the title and thefund provider Chongwen TA deeds and style, with Peking University and the Peking University Academy of opera to shine in the annals.

 The Academy of opera PKU fund donation regulations