PKUAO enrolled graduate professional degree of master of opera performing arts, in order to cultivate love for the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese, support the socialist system, law-abiding, good character, to serve socialism, master professional knowledge of basic theory and system of the discipline of solid, has the innovation spirit and has strong ability to solve practical problems, qualified domestic and foreign opera, song and dance troupe, universities, research institutions, culture and art, film and Television Arts and cultural management departments and related cultural industries, industrial artinstitutions such as the opera performances, writing, teaching, research and management work, high level applied talents who have good occupationaccomplishment.

In 2012 my courtyard first recruit graduate professional degree in opera performing arts master 5, research direction are opera; 2013 in our hospital for professional degree of opera performance art master's 8 people, the research direction are opera;2014 in our hospital for study of opera performance art master professional degreegraduate student 5 people, 4 of them Opera direction, 1 human opera historydirection.